Well Far: The Running Podcast

Hosted by Women’s Health Digital Editor Amy Lane, Well Far: The Running Podcast provides easy, actionable support for female runners around the world.

Creating a strong sense of community within the Well Far crew, runners use #wellfar on Instagram to share their highs and lows.

Guests have included the likes of Kelly Holmes, Bryony Gordon and Katie Piper. The podcast has been featured by Evening Standard, Metro, Women’s Health, The Irish Examiner and Hip and Healthy.

For enquiries relating to Well Far, please email hello@magscreative.co.uk to get in touch.

WELL FAR The Running Podcast with Amy Lane

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This year after 6 years of marathon running, I set myself the challenge to do two marathons in 3 weeks. This podcast has inspired me, supported me on long runs and really shaped and changed my views and attitudes on so many things. And really the reason why yesterday I just really bloody enjoyed my third London marathon. I cannot wait for more from #WELLFAR. Amazing. Xxx”

“I have just started running again to keep fit generally and see where it takes me. I have run a couple of London marathons before in 2012 & 2014 and whilst wasn’t quick I completed and felt so proud. This podcast is giving me inspiration to want to continue to run and fills me with inspiration. Dame Kelly is a hero of mine and loved listening to the two of you run and chat. I will keep listening. Thank you! COME ONNNNNN”