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Mags Creative is a professional podcast production and promotion company. We’re also the team behind a number of Mags Creative Originals. We work with brands and individuals to tell their story in audio. 

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“If anyone is looking for a podcast production agency, I cannot recommend Mags Creative enough.

With our latest podcast, they’ve helped us with everything from concepting workshops to recording, editing, production and beyond! They have been instrumental in getting this off the ground and have been great at making our guests feel at ease as well as managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders.”.

Niamh Linehan, Facebook

What we do


We oversee the whole podcast production process from start to finish – including conception, talent booking, scripting, recording, editing and distribution. We’re experts at turning a kernel of an idea into an all-singing, all-dancing, successful podcast.


We put podcast promotion, marketing and audience growth at the heart of everything we do. With a team made up of experienced podcast marketing experts, we take an analytical and holistic approach by continually adapting our strategy to maximise audience growth.


With a proven track record of working with innovative audio concepts, our creativity is what sets us apart. We channel this creative flair into devising our own Mags Creative Originals which garner millions of downloads. 

What we've done

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Castaway v4 (3)

“Working with Mags Creative was an exceptionally positive experience. Having their involvement from the very beginning allowed us to learn from their expertise: they helped us develop the creative concept of the podcast, work through logistics, record with a huge variety of guests, and produced an end product that we, the host and our listeners loved. Their support, creativity, hard work and flexibility made the whole process a pleasure and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in launching a podcast.”.

Penguin Random House

In a world of meaningless scrolling,
we believe in the power of meaningful audio.

“Mags Creative has always been a pleasure to work with and I’ve loved launching CASTaway with them. The team is organised, efficient and dedicated to producing brilliant content, as well as growing the audience – it’s a great partnership”.

Laura Whitmore, Castaway