In a world of meaningless scrolling,
we believe in the power of meaningful audio.

The future looks bright for audio

With 56% of millennials believing that there is too much visual stimulation,
the way that we’re consuming technology is changing. We’re calling it – we’re in the
midst of a podcast revolution.

The number of people listening to podcasts in the UK has doubled in 5 years to 5.9 million in 2018.

Over a third of the US population listen to podcasts weekly.

81% of listeners take action after hearing an audio ad on a podcast.

Our Mission

As a leading podcast production and promotion studio, we believe that the spoken word brings us all a little closer together.

We exist to share knowledge, passion and happiness in order to create meaningful connections worldwide.

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The number of people listening to podcasts produced by Mags Creative every week. This positions us in the top 1% of podcasts globally.


The number of times our podcasts have been featured in the Apple charts to date.

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The number of downloads we’ve received for our podcasts since we launched Mags Creative (and growing every day!)


The number of times our shows have reached number 1 in the Apple charts to date.

Our Podcasts

With a proven track record of working with multi-formatted audio concepts, we produce some of the UK’s top podcasts. We’ve helped bring a number of UK voices to the podcast space including Deliciously Ella, Laura Whitmore, Alice Liveing, Amy Lane and Clemmie Telford.

Sisters Uncensored: A tribute to Emily Hartridge
Dating Hall of Fame
Stories of 29
Well Far: The Running Podcast
Honestly Podcast
Deliciously Ella
The Good Stuff
Listen In
Give Me Strength
The Red Room
Come Together: Sex Talks by LELO
Shaping The Future by Regent Street
Bite Back
Biceps and Banter
Body Language with Tasha Bishop
Project Body Love

Featured In


Our Approach

Talk to us, we’ll listen. We work closely with each client to bring their podcast to life. Whether you’re looking for production support or you’re wanting to fully amplify your story, every project we work on is bespoke.

With over 30 years of experience in production and marketing combined, we can oversee the whole podcast process from start to finish – from conception, talent booking, scripting, recording to editing and distributing and finally through to promotion via online and print press. We also partner with some of the most influential brands in the world as sponsors.

Light may travel faster, but audio really resonates.

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