Our mission and story

We exist to create meaningful connections worldwide. We believe that the spoken word brings us all a little closer together. 

Mags Creative was founded by sisters Hannah and Faith Russell in 2018 – and powered by a team of exceptionally talented humans. 

We tell stories that might otherwise not be told. We build communities. And we strive to do it by putting kindness and empathy first. 

We hope and believe that business can be a force for good. You can read more about our contribution here.  

In a world of meaningless scrolling,
we believe in the power of meaningful audio.

Our Contribution

We believe fiercely in the power of meaningful audio to bring people together and make connections. So we make podcasts that do just that. And we don’t want to stop there. 

We also believe in building things – companies, podcasts, humans – steadily and sustainably. We’re in this for the long haul. 

We hope to make the world a better place, and we work to do this in many other ways outside of making meaningful audio.

Our Team

We start with our home team, creating a safe, supportive and happy working environment for our team and everyone that we interact with.  

We have also made some public commitments, in line with industry experts and advocates, towards causes that we have always felt passionately about.

Our Work

We believe deeply in the power of audio to connect people. We work to tell stories that might otherwise be overlooked. And we’re committed to sharing stories from different backgrounds and lives lived.

Sanctus Mental Health Pledge

We are signatories to the Sanctus Mental Health Pledge. This is a commitment taken by employers towards treating mental health in the same way as physical health within the workplace.

As a company, we pledge to create a supportive and empathic environment where conversations on mental health are accepted and people can bring their full selves to work. You can see full details here.

Equality In Audio Pact

We are signatories to the Equality in Audio Pact. This is a 5 point commitment taken by employers working towards diversity of voices in the audio industry. You can see full details here.

Duty Of Care​

We are often asked to tell stories that require sensitivity and empathy. We always do so by putting the human first. We work from a duty of care guidelines that prioritises our guests’ health – both mental and physical – above everything else.

Summer Podcast Academy

We offer a free 6 week learning and mentoring program to 12 podcasters from underrepresented backgrounds. The objective is to support and platform greater diversity of voices within podcasting. The program is open to podcasters who have already launched a show, and will provide in-depth industry insights, 1 to 1 mentoring sessions and targeted sessions covering concept development, audience growth and monetisation. Applications for 2021 are open now, apply here. 

Our World

We don’t exist in a vacuum and it’s important to us to support our surrounding communities and environments.

We believe in sustainable growth all round and work with the National Forest Trust to donate a tree per podcast season. Call us romantic, but we love the idea that as our shows grow, a whole forest grows with them.