We’re creatives, problem-solvers, big-thinkers, do-ers and most of all, we believe in the power of audio to connect people. We work with empathy, kindness and ambition, and foster a company culture of feedback and development. Our team is the heart and soul of everything we do at Mags Creative. 

Hannah Russell

Co Founder

Hannah’s background is in tech startups, having worked in high-growth businesses in London and Berlin. She is passionately interested in business – in all its forms – and its power as a force for good. When she’s not pitching or formulating the Mags 5 year plan, Hannah can be found chasing after her 1 year old daughter, running, practising yoga and laughing whenever possible.

Faith Russell

Co Founder

A creative at heart and the yin to Hannah’s yang, Faith started out in TV development before working as a Talent Booker in TV and radio working with the likes of Joss Stone, Nile Rodgers and Ricky Wilson. After building her own PR and marketing client roster, Faith took the leap at the age of 26 when she founded Mags Creative with Hannah. Faith is a writer, box set binger (*with an imdb score over 8) and podcast lover… obviously!

Kit Milsom

Head of Audio

Kit has worked in the media industry for over fifteen years across television, music, live events, theatre and podcasts. He’s a keen advocate for creating the absolute best possible listener experience, combined with the desire to elevate important conversations and ideas. Kit’s love of audio production is followed only by his love for music, which he pursues in several bands that he performs with. You might catch him playing at a party near you (just don’t ask him to play Mr Brightside!). 

Megan Hill-Smith

Producer & Design Lead

Megan is our in-house design lead and a British Podcast Award nominated audio producer. Megan’s passion for audio began with a love of the fantastical and a childhood happily narrated by Stephen Fry. She now channels that creativity into everything she does both visually and in audio. She can often be located (in a rare moment of quiet) in the back of a yoga studio, on the football pitch playing midfield or out at a ‘big arty frolic’. 

Sumit Sharma


Since making the transition from Digital Marketing to Podcast Producer, Sumit has immersed himself in the world of audio. His love affair with the medium began 12 years ago when as a young whippersnapper, he interviewed music’s biggest stars. He is driven by creating content that can leave a legacy. When he’s not knee-deep in wav files, you can find him digging for vinyl records, producing music documentaries, or watching re-runs of The West Wing.

Kelsey Bennett

Kelsey Bennett

Supervising Producer

Kelsey’s Scottish accent has been her bread and butter as she’s worked as a voiceover artist for the last decade. Podcasts pulled her in a few years ago and now she’s excited to be working on both sides of audio production. Nothing is more satisfying for her than kick starting a project and being the organiser! If she’s not plugged into some form of audio, you’ll probably find her roaming around her beloved Highlands, eyes glued to a tennis match or belting out the songs at a music festival with her pals.

Alisha Dandridge

Marketing Lead

Alisha has a background in multi-channel marketing. Having previously worked for global fashion brands, she brings her industry knowledge to the audio world including brand marketing, strategic partnerships, and consumer engagement. When she’s not raising awareness, and growing listener figures for a number of podcast shows, Alisha can be found snapping model portraits on her 35mm film camera, going for long walks (preferably with a dog), and shopping for quirky jewellery.

Charlotte Newing

Partnership & Brand Lead

Charlotte first joined the company as an intern straight out of Bristol University, she then went on to work in Journalism and Publishing, before re-joining Mags as a fully-fledged team member. Charlotte works closely with potential clients and partners to make sure Mags delivers the best solution possible. She has a killer handle on the podcast industry landscape. Outside of work, Charlotte loves to settle into a Real Housewives marathon or head to the spin studio.

Ruth Prada

Content Manager

Ruth is our Content Manager – and she loves to find ways that different pieces of media can tell a story! Having a background in creating content for small businesses, she loves working within close-knit teams to bring out the best in them. Starting her own candle business in lockdown 1.0, you can usually find her making candles in her studio, or on the dance floor dancing to some trancey/techno beats.

Rowena Henley


Rowena is a producer with an obsession for storytelling. Having first become hooked on podcasts in 2014 (thanks mainly to Serial and No Such Thing As A Fish), it took her eight years to make the leap from written journalism into audio. Rowena is an avid theatre-goer and a quiz show enthusiast. Her greatest passions in life include her cat Pearl, a perfectly poured Guinness, and Lao Gan Ma’s crispy chill oil.

Alice Homewood

Creative Producer

Alice has spent the last few years making radio documentaries and podcasts for the likes of Spotify, Parcast, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Before moving into the audio world Alice wrote and directed TV commercials which taught her how to tell a story in thirty seconds, so producing a thirty-minute podcast feels downright luxurious. When she’s not working Alice can be found sitting in a pub garden, swimming in the sea or gardening really badly.

Charles Tomlinson

Audio Engineer

A seasoned digital creative and experienced audio engineer with more than 10 years experience in digital production, Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to each edit and recording. Time spent working with everyone from tiny tech startups to huge government agencies means Charles is happy working on any project, no matter the size or challenge! When he’s not setting up microphones or fiddling in Pro Tools he spends his time writing music, cycling and trying to bake the perfect loaf of sourdough…

Millie Jackson

Marketing Assistant

Prior to Mags, Millie worked in the financial services industry as an administrator-turned-marketer. Having joined Mags after graduating from Exeter University, Millie is putting her passion for podcasts and English Literature degree to good use in the Mags marketing team. When she is not in the office, Millie can be found reading or writing her book and blog.

Giulia Ciccolella

Marketing Assistant

Giulia joined Mags after graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2021. As someone who has a huge interest in democratising the media industry and getting stories out that otherwise would not be heard, Giulia loves promoting a variety of podcasts as part of her role at Mags. Outside of her role, you can find Giulia working on ekō magazine, a creative platform for migrants that she founded whilst being at uni; or in her free time, Giulia loves to travel and go to music gigs.

Alex Macey

Production Assistant

Alex has made the hop from radio to podcasting, and that makes sense as Alex was first introduced to podcasts through his favourite radio shows. As a production assistant, Alex is one of the first people to hear the audio and enjoys that it feels like an early release, but also the prospect of shaping it to sound as great as possible. When he’s not listening to podcasts, Alex enjoys going to the football or contemplating whether he could cut it on the TV show Below Deck.