We oversee the whole podcast production process from start to finish – including conception, talent booking, scripting, recording, editing and distribution. 

Whether it’s liaising with the host and guests on the logistics of recordings, pulling together detailed briefing documents based on guest briefing calls, or editing raw audio into polished episodes, we’d ensure that the full production process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

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The Process

Concept & Strategy

Our extensive backgrounds in marketing mean that we approach each concepting session through the lens of creating content with engaging ‘hooks’ designed to make the most impact in the space. We devise concepts that can be leveraged effectively across press, video and social media.

Host & Talent Booking

We have a strong network of talent, regularly securing world renowned guests and hosts for our shows.

Script & Briefing

We craft materials to ensure every recording runs to plan, whether that’s detailed research and briefing documents or to-the-letter scripts to make the message sing.

Recording & Editing

We organise remote and in-person (both studio and on-location) recordings to secure the highest quality audio possible. We’ll then craft your story with smart edits and produce polished episodes.


We host and distribute your podcast to all of the major (and minor!) podcast listening platforms.

Audience Growth

With a team made up of experienced podcast marketing experts, we take an analytical and holistic approach by continually adapting our strategy to maximise audience growth.

Creating the first podcast for LELO was a big challenge and one of my favourite projects within the brand, the podcast came across as demystifying taboos and did a great job on that. Without Mags this project would not have happened and they did a brilliant job making this dream come true, super professionals and really experts in podcast production, from top to bottom! We had amazing results, more than it was expected! :)”.

Marcella Zanchi, LELO

Working with Mags Creative was an exceptionally positive experience. Having their involvement from the very beginning allowed us to learn from their expertise: they helped us develop the creative concept of the podcast, work through logistics, record with a huge variety of guests, and produced an end product that we, the host and our listeners loved. Their support, creativity, hard work and flexibility made the whole process a pleasure and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in launching a podcast“.

Penguin Random House