The Red Room

Join us in The Red Room, hosted by Anya Lahiri and Sandy Macaskill, the people who brought global fitness phenomenon Barry’s to the UK.

Barry’s is known as the home of The Best Workout in the World, but what really makes it special is the community. This is our chance to have a drink at the Fuel Bar with some of their incredible and inspiring clients, and find out about the person behind the name.

We talk about working out, wellness and life. So if you like any of those things, this is the podcast for you!

“Barry’s is the best part of my day. It is my one hour where I don’t have to think, the music is incredible, and the workout challenging, yet fun. To get the chance to hear about Anya’s, Sandy’s and other notable clients’ lives in and out of the Red Room through this podcast is pure joy. It is so relatable to hear about other client’s passions for the brand, while getting a fly on the wall perspective into who they are when not in the Red Room.”