Mags Original Podcast Blended Releases Special Episode for Refugee Week 2023

For Refugee Week 2023 we produced a special episode of Kate Ferdinand’s chart-topping podcast Blended.

Speaking to Oscar-nominated Syrian filmmaker and activist, Waad Al Kateab, the episode covers topics like:

  • How war and conflict cause you to build families beyond blood
  • the resilience that being a mum provides you with
  • the impossible scenario of having to leave your newborn child in a different country and starting again in the UK for the safety of your family.

Waad is an absolute inspiration, and we hope that her story will reach new audiences this year during Refugee Week. Listen to the episode below:

About Refugee Week

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Through a programme of arts, cultural, sports and educational events alongside media and creative campaigns, Refugee Week enables people from different backgrounds to connect beyond labels, as well as encouraging understanding of why people are displaced, and the challenges they face when seeking safety. It’s an opportunity for people who have sought safety in the UK to share their experiences, perspectives and creative work on their own terms.

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