Mags Creative launches series 2 of Walk Tall by Carolina Herrera

On Thursday, 16th November, the acclaimed podcast Carolina Herrera presents: Walk Tall, returns for its highly anticipated second series.

Recently recognised with a prestigious British Podcast Award, this empowering podcast, created by women for women, is dedicated to inspire the next generation to unlock their full potential in the workplace, drawing inspiration from the remarkable journey of Carolina Herrera herself.

As one of the world’s most distinguished fashion and beauty designers, over the last four decades, Carolina has become “the ultimate role model for what it means to be a strong, modern, and dynamic woman” as described by Good Girl Ambassador Karlie Kloss. Her legacy provides inspiration for all young women with ambitions to achieve their best and break through barriers in business.

In the upcoming series, lifelong friends, broadcaster Miquita Oliver & Vogue Fashion Director Julia Sarr- Jamois talk openly about how they made it to the top of their careers – sharing their learnings, tips and stories along the way.

Through a blend of invaluable advice, insider tricks, and actionable takeaways, each episode discusses every part of our working lives; to help listeners find the confidence to Walk Tall.

To kick off the series, the duo deep dive into their shared past, looking at photos from when they first met and reflecting on what they wish they’d known when they were starting out in TV and fashion.

Miquita and Julia chat about how they got into their industries, the importance of making genuine connections, their focus and drive, their work ethic and the importance of being ambitious as young women of colour. They also discuss the power of dreaming together and whether the people you surround yourself with can affect the way you dream.

Upcoming themes in the four-part series include:

  • How to know your self-worth, how to best communicate and ask for what you want.
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others and master the art of a sustainable work-life balance.
  • How practising positive delusions can help you boost your confidence and shake off the dreaded imposter syndrome.

In the last series Walk Tall delved into the realms of resilience with Olympic heptathlete Katarina Thompson-Johnson, exploring how to make happiness a central goal in one’s career through the wisdom of wellness icon Poppy Jamie, among many other insightful discussions.

Walk Tall by Carolina Herrera is brought to you by industry award-winning creative agency Impero and produced by award-winning production and promotion company Mags Creative.