The Times: Our founders Faith and Hannah Russell share what it really means to run a family business

Live, Tuesday 19th July, our founders, Faith and Hannah Russell, featured in an interview in The Times – ‘What I learnt… working with my sister’.

The interview delves into the complexities of maintaining a working relationship – in all  senses – with family members. They talk about the good parts, the bits that haven’t worked, and the ‘failures’.

Highlights include:

  • How the divorce of their parents helped bring Hannah and Faith closer.
  • Hannah’s first foray into entrepreneurship with the furniture company Layer.
  • The conception of Mags Creative and why this business is different.
  • The importance of making conflict healthy and encouraging feedback.

When sharing how learnings from Hannah and Faith’s first business, Layer, helped shape the sisters’ approach to running Mags Creative, Hannah says: ‘When we were running Layer we did everything together. We both went to every meeting and checked every email, which basically halved our productivity. When we started working on Mags there was more to do. It was a big moment to say, ‘Actually, I don’t think I need to go to that meeting.’’

The full article can be found here.