I Am… With Jonny Wilkinson

The podcast explores the remarkable transformations taking place within individuals and their understandings of them.

Speaking with pioneers and thought leaders around the globe, Jonny wishes to redefine concepts of health and well-being, performance, purpose, leadership, relationships and human potential.

From fear to freedom, surviving to thriving, this series will see Jonny celebrating the exponential possibilities that arise when we are willing to challenge old conclusions and become interested in deeper dimensions of experience.

All of this will be done through a lens of sport, spirituality, science and ultimately facing adversity and transcending limits.

For enquiries relating to I Am…, please email hello@magscreative.co.uk to get in touch.

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“Jonny’s in-depth interview with Dave Alred is fascinating. As a lifelong rugby fan, I confess a personal bias – but what struck me most was the human depth of the conversation. This is deep, emotive, widely applicable beyond sport and insightful. Highly recommend!”


“So utterly profound. Thank you for creating such a brilliant podcast and sharing your truth.”


“Powerful, life-changing conversations.”