Dating Hall of Fame

For all the matchmaking shows out there, there is a largely untapped reservoir of golden worst date stories. So Laura Whitmore is taking it upon herself to unearth unheard first date horrors.

Each week, Laura will chat with celebrity guests about their most embarrassing first date faux pas’ – from wardrobe malfunctions to cringey one liners, no shows to the truly, truly bizarre. But not one to be a scrooge, Laura will also hear the tales where humour helped to save the date, and led to them finding love.

Welcome to the Dating Hall of Fame, an audible honouring and ode to dates gone wrong!

“This podcast is incredible! from only one episode it has had me laughing out loud! I love Laura and her podcast nature anyway, the atmosphere is always amazing! (Listen to CASTaway if you haven’t already!) but the underlying idea of this podcast is so amazing and I am obsessed already!”