Launching Rugby World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson’s debut podcast, ‘I Am…’

From fear to freedom, surviving to thriving, this podcast will see Jonny celebrating the exponential possibilities that arise when we are willing to become interested in deeper dimensions of human experience.

Jonny Wilkinson’s career has crossed three decades and four World Cups. He has accumulated phenomenal achievements, world points records, an impressive list of broken body parts, and a drop goal that will be remembered forever. But the calmness with which he played the game masked a very different reality. For most of his life, he was driven by a quest for perfection and an overwhelming obsession to become the best player in the world. Years later, Jonny is sharing how he is finally at peace with himself and inviting other guests to share their own vulnerability.

I Am…podcast will explore the remarkable transformations taking place within individuals.

Speaking with pioneers and thought leaders around the globe, Jonny wishes to redefine concepts of health and well-being, performance, purpose, leadership, relationships and human potential.

Every Tuesday, Jonny will share a short-form solo episode about his own journey of growth, as well as introducing how his guest of the week will help inspire listeners to uncover their own innate potential.

Every Thursday, the podcast will invite a long-form interview with a different thought leader, kicking off with Rupert Spira who explores the source of happiness and the nature of reality.

I Am…with Jonny Wilkinson is available on all podcast listening platforms now.

Guests in the upcoming series include the likes of paralysed former rugby player and artist Henry Fraser, creator of The Secret Rhonda Byrne and British physician, author and podcaster Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

‘I Am…’ is available to listen on all podcast listening platforms.