Launching Life Sentence our newest Mags Creative Original

Featuring an impressive line-up of renowned talent from critically-acclaimed TV and film titles such as Feel Good, Harry Potter and Cold Feet including Jordan Stephens, Jade Anouka, Charlotte Ritchie, Cel Spellman and Evanna Lynch, Life Sentence questions our role in the future of the planet.

Poignant and hard-hitting, this podcast is an audio rich exploration of some of our planet’s prime inhabitants, full of unexpected twists and revelations. By humanising these stories, each episode’s length reflects how long our protagonist has on earth before they die out (1 year = 1 minute). For example, if current trends of overfishing and pollution continue, by 2050 the populations of just about all seafood could collapse and we face the threat of the world’s oceans being entirely empty of fish in 29 years. The ocean episode is 29 minutes long to reflect this.

With Boris Johnson warning world leaders at the COP26 climate summit: “it’s one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now”, the urgency surrounding the climate conversation couldn’t be more relevant.

Drawing on music, spoken word and evocative sound design, this 7-episode environmental podcast will follow the below release schedule:

  • Rainforest, featuring Jordan Stephens, Jade Anouka, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun
  • Ocean, featuring Jordan Stephens, Sindhu Vee, Maia Watkins, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun
  • Polar Bear, featuring Jordan Stephens, Cel Spellman, Charlotte Ritchie, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun
  • Elephants, featuring Jordan Stephens, Chipo Chung, Fanta Barrie, Shvorne Marks, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun
  • Tiger, featuring Jordan Stephens, Jassa Ahluwalia, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun
  • ‘Eve’, featuring Evanna Lynch
  • Adam & Stevie, featuring Jordan Stephens, Will Mellor & Stacy Abalogun

Jordan Stephens, who plays the integral role of the Life Sentence narrator called ‘MO’ said about his involvement in the project: “The role of MO felt very close to me. I consider myself to be a new age hippie, and aside from this project I’m trying to assemble an earth army – if anyone wants to join?”

The team behind Life Sentence includes writer Tabitha Mortiboy, Supervising Producer, Kelsey Bennett, Executive Producer, Megan Hill-Smith, with Audio and Music Originals by Kit Milsom.

Life Sentence is available to listen on all podcast listening platforms.