Launching Kate Ferdinand’s debut podcast, ‘Blended’

This podcast is a celebration of blended families – exploring the stories of relationships bound by love, no matter what their circumstances are.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand have a beautiful blended family of six. As a ‘stepmum’ to Rio’s three children (after Rio’s first wife tragically passed away), Kate is passionate about speaking candidly about the common challenges that have come with this role. Blended families can be as complicated as they are beautiful, and a year ago their family grew from five to six when they welcomed their little boy Cree into the mix.

Launching on Wednesday 23rd March, Kate’s brand new podcast will cover the complex, everyday dynamics that blended families bring to the surface by delving into the topics like second marriages, divorce, grief and life after loss, adoption, fostering and (not-so-wicked!) stepmothers. Throughout the series, Kate will champion different voices and experiences by speaking with experts, everyday people and celebrities in the public eye.

Kicking off with a dynamic Mother’s Day special, the first episode will share stories from those who have lost a mother or a child, experienced fertility issues or even fellow stepmothers navigating their place in the day. Kate will explore why Mother’s Day can be difficult for so many of us as well as drawing on expert advice for anyone in the same situation. 

Blended podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms and will drop every Wednesday. It is brought to you by leading production and promotion podcast studio Mags Creative.

Blended is available on all podcast listening platforms now.

Upcoming guests and themes include:

  • Simon Thomas and his wife Derrina on finding love after loss
  • Julia Samuel MBE on believing that every family has a story
  • Debbie Bright on fostering 
  • Saira Khan on adoption 
  • Ashley John-Baptiste on growing up in care

Blended is available to listen on all podcast listening platforms.