Podcasting has seen an explosion of interest in recent years, and we’re often asked if brands should launch a podcast. 
Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage with listeners, over a longer form of engagement than a scrolled-past social post or a video. 
As a brand, it’s likely that you have a compelling story to tell and a key area of expertise, and podcasts are a perfect content form to explore these. 
What data is there to support brands launching podcasts?
We could go on for hours about industry data, but we’ve chosen our top four data points below. 
Your target audience is most likely already familiar with the medium.
Podcasts are part of mainstream culture now – over 37% of the UK population have listened to a podcast recently. 
     2. Listeners will be engaged. 
On average, listeners tune in to around 80% of a podcast episode.
When done right, this can go up to 90%.
To put this into context, the average consumption rate of a 30-minute video is 14%. 
When it comes to the comparison with text marketing, we know that people recall twice as much information from audio than they do from reading text, we also know that 55% of people admit they spend 15 seconds or less on an article. 
Which makes us think, we should probably have created this article in audio rather than text! 
     3. Listener can tune in anywhere, at any time 
79% of podcast listeners listen on their smartphone. As a result, they will be able to listen to the podcast whenever it suits them.
It really is the perfect medium to reach busy people – 32% of people listen to a podcast while travelling or driving, 21% while studying or working and 17% while doing chores.
     4. Podcast listeners tend to earn 28% more than the average population.